xxxFeLiXxxx2011-12-06 01:07:50
xxxFeLiXxxx, 2011-12-06 01:07:50

A book on software architecture and OOP principles?

To be honest, I'm looking for something, I don't know what. In principle, I have been programming for a long time, and I learned the languages ​​themselves a long time ago (grammar, let's say so).
But here I feel that there is not enough “elegance” to my class hierarchies and, in general, the principles of building the entire architecture. I understand perfectly well that it comes with experience and skill.
I would like to read something “something” that will help sort out knowledge, so that there are examples of inheritance, for example, for various situations, maybe this is just a competent use of patterns?
I will be glad to any reasonable offers. English is fluent.

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Eugene, 2011-12-06

E. Freeman, E. Freeman, C. Sierra, B. Bates. Design patterns.
The same patterns are described as those of GoF, but more accessible. For a beginner, it is.

Melkij, 2011-12-06

And of course:
S. McConnell Perfect code.

Gibbzy, 2011-12-06

Martin Fowler. Architecture of enterprise applications.
ISBN 5-8459-0579-6, 0-321-12742-0; 2007

milky_cookie, 2011-12-07

Well, if in matters of OOP, then in my “school” the bible was the book by Grady Booch “Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Example Applications in C ++”.
No matter what language you write in, the book is understandable and even interesting. Highly recommend

Ano, 2011-12-06

Fowler's "refactoring" is also useful.

Ololesha Ololoev, 2011-12-08

Books by Robert Martin - Clean Code and Agile Software Development: Principles, Patterns, and Practices

Ano, 2011-12-06

GoF, obviously.

evil0o, 2014-12-12

I don't know how much on topic.
For the lazy "Design patterns Sergey Nemchinsky".

Hitory, 2011-12-06

Try the book Pattern Oriented Software Architecture - A system of patterns
link to amazon
Something more structured and serious than head first, but at the same time they have a slightly different view of pattern than gof (they themselves mention this in the book).

Alexey Shein, 2015-12-29

An excellent selection can be found here: sergeyteplyakov.blogspot.com/2014/07/books-on-desi... and here : www.shein_alexey /shelf

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