falcon5552018-10-13 10:51:37
falcon555, 2018-10-13 10:51:37

A book on general principles of programming?

Hello! I ask you to advise a book (if there is one) on the general principles of programming, so that it explains what arrays, functions, loops, etc. are. I am learning to program in Pascal, I make programs using arrays and loops, but I want to delve deeper into the essence.

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Cheypnow, 2018-10-13

Depends on the level of difficulty you are ready for.
For complete beginners, there is an excellent book "Theoretical Minimum in Computer Science", but this is quite a base, just about what cycles, arrays, etc. are.
Also for beginners, but according to the algorithms "Groaking algorithms".
Then you can simply take a book on any programming language (preferably something more serious than Pascal, it is still not very used in practice) and make examples from there.

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