Dmitry2015-05-19 23:34:41
Dmitry, 2015-05-19 23:34:41

A book on C-C++ where is the description of the language with analogies?

Hello dear All!
Once upon a time, 10 years ago, I learned to write in C-C ++. it worked out, so I went headlong into the administration and abandoned this business, now I am writing for myself for my admin needs. Now I wanted to remember this case - programming in C-C ++. Then, when I was studying, one person recommended a book to me - I’m looking for it, the book is small, in soft cover, I read it in electronic form. The author of the book sooooo well talks about the programming language and draws analogies. I remember a little what the author told about pointers in the context of a file cabinet in the library. Maybe someone knows - remembers such a book, I would be grateful for a tip.

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Maxim Timofeev, 2018-06-22

1. format the code as code, it's not readable.
2. You ask about the condition, but you brought them 2, which one does not work?
3. You have 3 different conditions. And you are surprised that one works, and another is not present. It happens. They check different things.
4. All your conditions work correctly, you just expect a different result for some reason. In order for us to understand which - give 1 condition, not 3 and write expectations.
PS. I think var_dump will solve all the problems, the reason is always that the variable does not have the data that you want or the wrong type. So before writing a question, I would display var_dump($_COOKIE['checkreferer'] )before the condition, which, according to you, does not work and attach the result to the question

Coderast, 2015-05-19

I know an author who talks about pointers using house addresses as an example. Like, "you can't find out the type and size of the data object it refers to by a pointer, just as you can't find out the size of a house by its address" - I retold this in my own words.
Specifically, the book:
Prata S. The C++ Programming Language. Lectures and exercises.
It might work too, I don't know. But the author there describes everything in great detail, sometimes to the point of meticulousness :)

Eugene, 2015-05-20

R. Laforet and his Object-Oriented Programming in C++ helped me a lot in my time . The book deals with basic things and, in my opinion, in a very accessible language.

Vladimir Martyanov, 2015-05-20

There is no need for such analogies with pointers... A pointer is an address in memory and a dot.

Dmitry, 2015-05-20

It is necessary or not necessary - this is demagoguery, when you study something, it is easier for me personally to absorb the material and it is better for understanding when it is explained with an analogy to real life. Everyone learns new information in their own way.

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