Alistair O2018-10-14 18:32:12
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Alistair O, 2018-10-14 18:32:12

A book for increasing conversational vocabulary, intermediate level, which one would you recommend?

Good afternoon,
I looked like courses, the times are clear, I want to speak using tenses, but due to my poor vocabulary, I can’t build a sentence.
I decided to find a book in English and read to increase my vocabulary.
Please advise.
Intermediate level required.

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SonniB, 2018-11-26

Try the free app ED Words, you can learn from 300 new words per month. The application has thematic sets of words, including English for IT professionals. Also smart-workouts for each set to make it easier to memorize words.

Saboteur, 2018-10-14

if the vocabulary is not enough for intermediate, then you are unlikely to be able to read a book.
It's easier then LinguaLeo or another similar service.
Or you can go to ordinary bookstores in the department of foreign literature in English specifically for your level - for students - I don’t remember the name of the publisher, but there books are marked in three degrees of difficulty.
But still, just vocabulary is faster on lingualeo.

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