Pavel Ryabov2017-02-15 17:07:15
Pavel Ryabov, 2017-02-15 17:07:15

A book for a web developer?

I'm reading McDonald's book, The Comprehensive Guide. About the dynamism of the site and the adaptability of the design there, if anything is said, it will be very little. What books do you need to read in order to write such good sites with all sorts of goodies. Under the goodies, I suspect something like this: animation, database dynamism adaptability. Maybe you can give some advice? What should a Web developer know who types up very good sites?

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Sergey, 2017-02-15

Hello! I will answer based on the question itself.
These are several THICK books, every page of which you understood and remembered.
For each chapter of each book, create a small learning site where you can hone what you've learned.
Good luck!

Frozen Coder, 2017-02-15

Should I start with just one? Your question sounds like "I want to know and be able to do everything by reading one book and watching one lesson in 21 days without writing a single line of my code." Start with just one. If you want to work with the database, ok - decide on the language and study the backend (for sites - PHP, for Enterprise - Java or C #, Python is also good). If you want to make whistles and fakes on the site - welcome to JavaScript (and you can use it in the backend) and others like them, start with layout, HTML, CSS. A web developer develops, and typesetter is a layout designer. A web developer typesets as much as he likes. And a good one should be able, and not know, some abstract divine body of knowledge. Conclusion: start doing your projects and in the process you will learn everything you need.

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