Andrey Okhotnikov2018-11-22 16:51:52
Andrey Okhotnikov, 2018-11-22 16:51:52

How to color a day on a calendar?

I'm using https://github.com/wix/react-native-calendars (React native calendars)
I need to make some days have a colorful background. For example half blue half green.
How to implement it? In customstyles, you can set a color, but only one, there will be no gradient.

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Ilya Beloborodov, 2015-11-24

I screwed up with the class names, but here is

Nicholas, 2015-11-24

Set a vertical stick through position:absolute and an offset from the left edge. And I think it's clear how to calculate the offset. I think this is the simplest and most logical option.

Dimka Reactive, 2018-11-22

Fork the repository and create your own styles as you wish.

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