EYPPNM2019-04-16 21:39:24
EYPPNM, 2019-04-16 21:39:24

A book about secure code?

What book is there about JS, about how to write safe code, which describes typical mistakes of beginners, from the basics, such as the so-called. "protection from the fool" and further, it is possible in English, or at least about which functions it is desirable not to use, and which ones to avoid altogether once and for all

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Roman, 2019-04-17

Year: 2014
Author: YE Liang
Publisher: Packt Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-78398-801-3
Language: English
Security for Web Developers
Using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Author: John Paul Mueller
ISBN-10: 1491928646
Year: 2015
Language: English

Sergey Suntsev, 2019-04-17

there is a book Perfect Code
, there is a chapter that describes safe programming approaches, and separately about designing and writing code, it is very suitable for beginners, unlike Clean Code , although I also recommend it.

terka43, 2019-04-17

Which js features should be avoided once and for all? All - you will not use, you will not be able to do something bad. Fools were developed, they did not understand what was superfluous, what should not be used. Write your own functions, and you will be sure that everything works as it should.

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