Dartess2014-12-14 14:47:33
Dartess, 2014-12-14 14:47:33

A beginner's guide to programming?

Tell me a small problem book for beginners in programming. It is desirable that the tasks be in ascending order and cover as many different types of tasks as possible (for example, ranging from calculating the root of a quadratic equation, through working with files, through window applications to anything else). They are not interested in books on "olympiad programming", the goal is rather not to practice in compiling algorithms, but through practical tasks to introduce various possibilities for using programming.
I also just want to ask for advice - what small (relatively) bicycle programs can beginners pee? For example, an encoder-decoder, an archiver using various algorithms, a self-healing code, a screenshoter, an alarm clock, a file search engine...

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kstyle, 2014-12-14


Crash, 2014-12-14

If it’s completely for beginners, then www.codecademy.com
If more difficult puzzles are interesting, then codewars.com

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