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Web development
Anonimmus, 2020-07-27 18:08:01

A banal question - what to do next?

Fellow programmers, good day.
A banal question - who to be next ?!
I will briefly outline the situation:
- 2 years of experience as a web programmer since the distant 2010, at that time I graduated from html css jquery php courses. Gradually, with the release of CMS, less and less demand was required from me (I even got happy early). Ultimately, with the exits of the designers, I finally lost my job (such a topic was observed in 2012 in the CIS "Greetings from the city of bread")!
- then in 2013 I was invited by 1c programmers saying "try it will come to you" was engaged in routine rewriting existing reports creating documents, and unfortunately here I was required to study bookkeeping and tax accounting, I could not cope with such a quantity of information and went to the hospital (Migraine with aura). Disappointed about the time spent (more and more new sophistications of Drupal, milk, bootstrap 1c 8.0 - 8.1 came out). He moved to the Russian Federation, Voronezh, for work and worked where it would turn out not in programming . Apparently, he was not lucky.

Now, alas, I cannot enter the web without new knowledge, to learn to learn to learn.
And 1s, with all its functionality, turned out to be a buggy semi-finished product, it’s a shame to look accountants in the eyes after each update with the configuration of my bosses.
- Recently I became interested in android, wrote and drew an arcade. It’s just that they don’t take such home-made people to work and there is a huge demand for java etc. And now the soul lies on the android, a lot of ideas, I study in my free time.

Comrade programmers, the post is not another whining, but rather a question. What niche should I fit into, since career growth for a man This is an IMPORTANT ASPECT

Do not delete the admins, only programmer brothers will help, not a psychologist

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DevMan, 2020-07-27

you already have some background. and if you are not the last slowpoke, he will allow you to roll in just a month or two.
It’s not worth waiting for money from the start, but it’s quite possible to catch on. and then it all depends on you.

Lazy @BojackHorseman, 2020-07-27

if it didn’t work in Voronezh, but it doesn’t work in Voronezh, then maybe it’s in Voronezh?

Vladimir, 2020-07-27

In order to join any field, even adored Android, you need only the minimum necessary set of knowledge, in order to find out a list of what you don’t know yet, you need to go through and fill up three or four interviews, and then you need to learn, and it all depends on you . Universities are not required.

xmoonlight, 2020-07-27

Learn OK! and gain experience in:
1. PHP (web, backend)
2. or C# (Unity, gamedev).

Jacen11, 2020-07-27

and what is the problem to learn java and kotlin? Well, then already go to android as you want

sashabeep, 2020-07-28

2012 was a good year for sure. But it's not worth the hassle about it.
Although even now there is an unrealistic amount of work and few normal performers. Typesetting has become even easier, designs are different now, bootstrap does not look like shit for creating admin panels, and a lot of plugins have been rewritten to "bare" JS.
On CSS, jQuery and PHP, and now there are FULL things to do. All simple puzzles went to designers, but complex ones are more expensive.
What career path do you see in the position of a web technologist? Chief web technologist? I call you the chief technologist, I can even print a badge.
Teamlead? Project Manager? So under these two, the stack of tasks is completely completely different.

Igor Vorotnev, 2020-08-06

Actually, if you cut out all the lyrics from the text, then one question remains:

What niche should I fit into

And the answer to it is trivially simple - to the one that is interesting. Because nothing will work out in an uninteresting one - there will not be enough motivation. And you need to plow in any niche.

Michael, 2020-07-28

Have you learned English all this time?

Nikita Pushkar, 2020-07-28

Mobile development = trend in the next 10 years for sure. So either IOS or Android development.

Vladimir Druzhaev, 2020-08-27

Everything I read is a hobby.
Find a job not in it, but in a taxi, for example.
According to it, this is not yours, judging by the fact that you seem to have tried - but it didn’t work.
Although it turns out it wasn’t even a hobby - but an attempt to enter it

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