kna9992021-03-01 19:14:01
kna999, 2021-03-01 19:14:01

800 thousand products in Woocommerce, how to live with all this?

Hello. There is a site of 800 thousand products on WP + WOO.
At the same time, there are huge problems for everyone when updating such a database, a large database size of more than 3.3 GB, an unhappy hoster and everything connected with this.
1. Well, I thought about moving all these goods to 1s or something like that. And by means of a request through a search on the site to users of the product, the issuance of a result with the product and the possibility of generating an application. How to implement this?)
2. There were thoughts to use a service like My warehouse, and synchronize the database in a period of time with warehouses, who can offer something interesting besides my warehouse in this direction?
3. Is it possible to force woo to create new tables in the database after a certain number of products as they are added, to unload individual tables in the database?)

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rPman, 2021-03-01

Transferring part of the database to another will be comparable in terms of money almost to the development of a new one, especially since 1c, to put it mildly, is not the place where it works optimally.
What does hoster dissatisfied mean? Is it free or something like SaaS without any access to the service itself?
Rent a vps/dedicated and transfer the database there, admin yourself, there will be more opportunities for optimization - database tuning, caches and so on.
A 3GB base is nothing, vps with ssd and a small amount of memory start at a dollar per month (of course they are weak and most likely you won’t have enough). Before renting a server, I advise you to try to raise a copy at home, test it, evaluate the requirements and speed, and then choose the right size machine in the cloud.

Sanes, 2021-03-01

Look for heavy queries and optimize. What do you want from wordpress?

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