liverevil2016-12-18 01:02:57
Google Chrome
liverevil, 2016-12-18 01:02:57

8 CHROME processes with two tabs. Is this the norm?

ubuntu 16.04 x64.
Two tabs in Chrome, 4 extensions. At the same time, there are 10 Chrome processes in the system monitor. Two of them are some kind of type=zigote.
Is this normal or is something wrong?
Can you please tell me how to enable ctrl+alt+backspace hotkeys in Ubuntu 16.04 to restart the X server?

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Andrey Pavlenko, 2016-12-18

It's okay, chrome has its own concepts of the number of processes. This is done so that the freezing of one tab does not bring down the entire browser at once.
The second one was immediately found in Google: askubuntu.com/questions/367983/how-do-i-enable-ctr...
Did something change in 16.04? I don't think

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