Maxim Davydov2020-01-09 17:44:05
Maxim Davydov, 2020-01-09 17:44:05

7 years experience as a developer + 13 years in sales and business. Further choice of direction IT?

dear participants!
the topic of the question is the choice of a direction in IT
in 2000, he graduated from a university and went to work at a research institute,
was engaged in satellite systems for 7 years (programmed DSP processors in C and Xilinx FPGAs in VHDL),
then he completely "quit" development and science and was engaged in business for 13 years (sales of electronic components)
I am now 42 years old and I really want to return to development, but not in research institutes, but in something more "commercial" (13 years of experience in business, sales and negotiations)
1. advise what areas are there besides 1C?
2. is there a direction where you can use the experience of Sales / Negotiations + experience of the Developer (here I am ready to learn and gain experience)
3. what courses / books / webinars / seminars would you recommend?
ready to make efforts and learn, to spend time, effort, money
on this at the moment I can afford not to work for half a year or a year and engage in self-education (including paid courses)
from skills - English upper intermediate, German - basic
I will be grateful for constructive answers,
with Respectfully,
really liked https://roadmap.sh/ in the direction of DevOps - this is a direct dream to become a specialist in the integral direction (at the junction of several areas Developers, Testers and Client)

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paran0id, 2020-01-09

Presale Engineer


Being a person at the intersection of business and IT, you should look towards business process automation, a business analyst, an integrator of automation systems.
If you do not want to deal with Zhiguli type 1C, then you can look towards ERP ODOO, it is now developing very well abroad and people who know this system are always in business even here.

Lev Zabudkin, 2020-01-16

Xilinx speak. You are very experienced.
Well, you just have to choose the language that you will study.
Do you want to be frontend or backend? Write an interface for users or process their requests and send the results of the responses back?
I recommend you call the experts here. But first, provide more detailed information about yourself, maybe you will be taken to work right now.

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