Vladimir Sokolovsky2011-08-08 10:07:46
Vladimir Sokolovsky, 2011-08-08 10:07:46

6GB(2+4) RAM in MacbookPro 2008 Late, will there be performance loss and which models to choose?

Wondered a small upgrade MacbookPro version "2008 Late". I began to search the forums for various options, I decided to stop at 6GB of RAM for now, but there is not much information about what strips of different sizes are fraught with. Does anyone have experience in this matter?

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sht0rm, 2011-08-08

Would it be better to install an SSD? The performance will please you.

Vladimir Zhurkin, 2011-08-08

There are no problems. Everything works fine, I personally did not see any particular performance loss. Didn't run tests. Monitoring also showed that more than 6 gb of memory is not yet needed, and even with 4 it was normal.
I saw a win when I put a fast screw on 7200, anyway, the laptop costs more as a stationer.

ShadowMaster, 2011-08-08

Instead of whether to take 8 gigabytes if it supports? Memory is worth a penny.

make_luv, 2011-08-08

With what joy suddenly performance should fall?

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