SergeyNN2016-12-10 20:22:16
SergeyNN, 2016-12-10 20:22:16

62 degrees is the temperature for the HDD. The PC itself is even hotter. What do you think?

Friends, evaluate the situation:
Nettop is always heated above average. Today I got confused and decided to look at the temperatures. There is no sensor in the bios, I installed AIDA64. It also does not show the temperature of the processor and mother, but shows the temperature of the disk. As much as 64 degrees. It's all just watching YouTube.
The SMART disk indicates that the temperature is above the limit (45).
In principle, this whole construction has been successfully working for a year now, and it always warmed up, but I'm interested in the question: is 64 a lot for a disk or not? Are there higher?
And since this is the only known temperature, it can be assumed that the CPU and the mother heat up even more.
What do you think?
I will add: in an hour the temperature is already 74)). And today I put a good metal saucepan on this aluminum friend as an additional radiator.

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Melkij, 2016-12-10

If you have an HDD, this is outside the operating range.
I didn't find it in other places, but the numbers are similar.
And very far outside the optimal temperature range of 35-45C, in which discs last statistically the longest.

focs113, 2016-12-10

Nettop case not with a passive cooling system? if yes, then this is a normal temperature, where all the iron is a heat sink. If active, then maybe it's time to clean the cooling system?

Kolya K, 2016-12-10

Something seems to me that Aida is lying. Try with your hand how hot it may need to be serviced

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