Petr Volkhanov2018-01-09 14:59:13
Apache HTTP Server
Petr Volkhanov, 2018-01-09 14:59:13

504 Gateway Timeout when trying to pay for an order in Woocommerce. What else can be done?

Hi all!

Getting 504 Gateway Timeout error when trying to pay with PayPal or Stripe in Woocommerce. PayPal in Sandbox mode also causes an error with an ajax request, although the PayPal logs say that the payment was successful and in the VP admin panel it can be seen that the subscription has been renewed. Tried disabling plugins, didn't help. max_execution_time set to 500 didn't help either. I have not tried to change the theme yet, the Apache server is worth it. What else can be done?


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Orkhan Hasanli, 2018-01-09

increase php memory_limit
check plugin for conflict with theme or other plugins
check endpoints

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