Art_Sh822021-03-31 07:57:04
Art_Sh82, 2021-03-31 07:57:04

5 x 4G LTE modems, how to organize collaboration?

There are 5 LTE 4G modems, all have white IP. The question is, how to organize their joint work more correctly, so that the data from all modems goes to one server? Sorry for the somewhat rambling explanation.
Options for connecting modems:
1. There is a router board on which you can install 5 modems, openwrt firmware, which will still need to be finished.
2. board with USB hub - modems are connected via USB to the hub, then to the server. Whether it is possible to adjust operation of all 5 modems under Linux - 5 network connections for teamwork?
3. Each modem is connected via its USB cable to the server's motherboard and then as in point 3 (the cheapest option) How many processor
resources will be required to organize such a connection? Thanks in advance for your replies.

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AntHTML, 2021-03-31

All three options are workable - choose the one that is more to your liking.
The very service of connecting resources practically does not consume, but if you run some wild routing, then the router under WRT may be bent.
Also, the issue of power is critical at all points - modems eat a lot, for stable operation there must be at least 5V 0.5A on the modem connector, respectively, for 5 pieces, the router or hub must have an external PSU of at least 3-4A, and a USB cord from p .3 not "squirrel hair", but normal conductors.
PS: But why did you need a configuration of 5 WANs on one server?

ky0, 2021-03-31

The parser is a goof, it does not allow you to insert a link. Google on Habré - "Real summation of Internet channels - OpenMPTCPRouter".

Valentine, 2021-03-31

1) you must understand that two modems with two SIM cards of the same operator will not double the speed, since the same dynamic frequency spectrum is used. At least if you do not use carrier aggregation and do not connect modems to different base stations. And for these features you need professional modems.
2) five modems - five different IP addresses. Which of them will receive traffic from the cameras? You either need to configure separate receiver addresses on each camera (five cameras to one address, five to another, etc.), or install a piece of hardware with a fixed connection with one IP address somewhere (you can use the same hosting), configure it as a media server , and from it already pour traffic to your server. In your scheme between the server, you need to use multipath tcp solutions.

lonelymyp, 2021-04-03

Google traffic aggregation for a general understanding and OpenMPTCPRouter for a specific solution

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