halses2018-09-21 19:06:40
halses, 2018-09-21 19:06:40

5 short BIOS beeps in new components, what should I do?

A week ago, I assembled the Gigabyte H310M H + i3 8100 PC after launch, 5 short BIOS beeps sounded (CPU problems), there was no picture, nothing worked, no matter how I changed everything around, I did everything I could - to no avail. The next day, with a fresh mind, I reassembled everything again, and oh, a miracle, everything started well the first time, without any problems. Put Win, etc., everything is very beautiful and worked smoothly.
I dropped it on a system glitch, you never know, the electronics are all the same.
Today I am assembling absolutely the same system, and what do you think? Yes, again 5 short BIOS signals, the second day I suffer, I don’t know what to do, and it doesn’t go away by itself. I reset the BIOS, changed the PSU, checked everything, everything is tight and clear, no matter what I do - 5 short beeps. The components are ideal, everything is just from the box, I don’t take the warranty case into mind, since the last time it was the same, but it passed. Perhaps someone has come across this. I sin on the BIOS, perhaps this is it.

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