Dmitry Bay2015-02-01 20:03:20
Dmitry Bay, 2015-02-01 20:03:20

4K movies with Russian voice acting?

I decided here yesterday to see if there is anything to download and watch in 4k from movies.
The maximum that I found is mastered in 4k - a marketing chip from Samsung.
So the question is, tell me trackers that have 4k movies?

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Shultc, 2015-02-02

Not sure if movies in real 4K are already on sale. If only because there are no normal players for 4K yet. Some 4K content is on YouTube.
If you still find a movie in real 4K, then it is unlikely to be in Russian. The easiest option: download a movie in English, and connect a Russian track from a non-4K movie to it. This can be done, for example, in the VLC player. Then, however, most likely you will have to slightly adjust the audio track to the video ....

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