Egor Rublev2017-12-26 21:33:03
Egor Rublev, 2017-12-26 21:33:03

4K for PC: What to choose: monitor 40 "-43" or TV?

Good evening, esteemed colleagues and tosterchanovtsy passing by.
By the new year, I wanted to buy several FullHD monitors (2-4), depending on the cost and quality (budget 40-50 thousand), but after rummaging through online markets and offline stores, I came across several wonders of the world! The first miracle is an ultrawide monitor with a ratio of 21 to 9, which for me was a curiosity and interested. I started digging in this direction and came across the second miracle - huge monitors 40 "- 43" and with a resolution of 4k, which can be transformed into ultrawide, if desired, you can use all the power and potential of 4k! Unfortunately, I could not choose on my own and began to delve into the reviews on Yandex.Market, thematic forums, etc. A conflicting opinion was formed, on the one hand, this is a giant space for working opportunities and viewing content in high quality, on the other hand, uneven backlight, shim ,
1. Is it actual to take 1 monitor 40 "- 43" in 4k resolution in order to use it as 4 FHD?
2. What monitor 40 "- 43" with a resolution of 4k would you recommend?
3. Is it relevant to watch TVs in 4k with a larger diagonal than 40 "- 43", for example 49"?
4. Will TVs transmit a picture from a PC in 4k and at least 60Hz
? them pros and cons?

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Ezhyg, 2017-12-26

PWM is mostly a horror story (albeit with some reason).
Well, choose a few models. let's say within 3-4, one from each manufacturer and compare, gradually eliminating. Approach the problem from the other side - "content". How much is there that you can watch in 4K, so that at the same time this something is not marketing nonsense ?!
5 - ludicrously "monitor" is just a "stupid" matrix aka FlatPanel, there are the same "TVs" in which there is no block for receiving and decoding a television signal, only a bunch of different inputs. The grain size, like the size of TVs, is usually larger. The picture quality of the monitor is usually higher because the screen is located closer to the eyes and further down the text. Although this may be less relevant in the mass, but among the "budget models" this should be taken more carefully.
grammar, abrasiveness,

and if desired
in 4k resolution

Vadik Serebryansky, 2017-12-26

I'll answer in text. My friend has both a 4k monitor and a 4k TV, an expensive Asus monitor and a not-so-expensive Samsung TV. I poyuzal these charms, for toys it's something. I didn't even know textures could be so smooth and nice. Any content on a regular 4k TV looks juicy, to cut it short. But, to work on such a monitor without increasing Windows is killing the eyes. Got sick after a few seconds. Therefore, we set a 125-150% increase - the interface in programs and games immediately floats, and the content is rendered in an increased resolution, as if "crop", those are not 4k but like 2388 by 1294 there are some such sizes. Therefore, 16 to 9 segments for work - only 1080 and 2k resolution, purely for toys - you can buy MINOR.
As for 21:9, I have such a monitor. Inexpensive, 2560-1080, 75Hz, 29 inches. It has become the main one, it is very convenient, everything is small, but pleasant, you can work and play. BUT, one single BUT: in YouTube there will be stripes on the sides and top-bottom, it freezes me personally, but what can I do. But the movies downloaded from the torrent look epic and unbelievably cool.
Microlights with a black fill color are visible, but for this you need to turn off the light in the room and take a closer look, which we do not do in ordinary life. Therefore, 21:9 is a promising option for work and about mutilmedia. I would even recommend this option. Whether to take it 3880 by 1440 or 2560 by 1080 is the last one. Either 4k, but definitely not the main monitor, then pure full multimedia. The telly, as for me, does not have such a contrast, and even at close range it seems to blind. Look towards 2560-1080 34 inches. drive in the store - you should like it.

@nidalee, 2017-12-27

1. If your vision and / or distance to the monitor allow you to work with a scale of 100% - yes. Otherwise, 4 FHDs will turn into 2 or 1.
3. TVs, IMHO, only more. I have 55'. I would not take a TV less than 45 - it's easier then to buy a normal monitor.
4. TVs? With HDMI version 2.0 and higher - will be. Don't forget about input lag though. This issue needs to be studied separately and it is not so easy to find at least some numbers from any TV.
5. The TV is bigger, takes up more space and weighs more. It does not wait for a signal in sleep mode, like a monitor - you have to turn it on yourself. I already wrote about the input lag - I have it 20, but in general it can even get caught 100 or more. You can watch content from the media server without turning on the PC if you want. In your price range, most likely there will be no more differences.
Ultrawide, as for me, is an amateur toy. For the life of me, I have never felt a lack of space horizontally. And now I am writing this post and I look sadly at the gray fields to the right and left of the text that I am typing. Half the screen wide is empty space. Do I need more empty space? I don't think...

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