Vladislav Billo2018-07-17 11:15:18
Vladislav Billo, 2018-07-17 11:15:18

+4GB RAM and SSD, or +8GB RAM without SSD?

I have an Aser Aspire e15 laptop . 4gb ram and i3. Completely lacking for my tasks. And in games, 4GB of RAM is not enough.
There was an opportunity to upgrade the laptop. But there are funds only for + 8GB (in the end 12) of RAM without an SSD , or + 4GB (in the end 8) of RAM and a 140GB SSD .
I can't decide which would be more efficient. On the one hand, I understand that most likely +4 and the SSD will be better, but if I put +8, then I will forget about the problems with the lack of RAM.
Please help with advice.
UPD: The laptop has a 500GB HDD, if you install an SSD, then I will put it in place for an optical drive.

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Saboteur, 2018-07-17

140 GB SSD is a very small amount. In your case, it will probably be more profitable to take 8 GB of RAM and save up for at least 256 GB SSD

BigSmoke, 2018-07-17

Better put both + 8GB of RAM and ssd for 240+GB (120-140 is not enough if this is the only disk in the system).
If there is not enough money for everything at once, then it is better to save up than to take a corner.

Alexander Komarchuk, 2018-07-17

In my experience, I say that 4Gb of RAM is not enough, when you put 8Gb , everything changes immediately in work, and the soul rejoices .
By the way, the operating system effectively caches disk operations, and a 140Gb SSD is somehow not enough.
PS It turns out I made a mistake in reading. Already have 4 GB of RAM and add another 4 GB. Then, of course, 8 GB of RAM for normal applications will probably be enough.

SOTVM, 2018-07-17

put RAM to the maximum, why do you need an SSD if you already have an HDD, but no money?
the system can be booted even from a flash drive, without having a screw at all :)
or do you reboot it so often?

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