Yuri Verbitsky2015-06-03 23:11:37
Yuri Verbitsky, 2015-06-03 23:11:37

4G modem 827F how to make it work with TP-LINK 3420?

Hi everyone, guys, please help me solve the problem. I bought a
Tp-Link TL-MR3420 router today, bought a 4G modem 827F HUAWEI
for it. the latest
Please help me to deal with the problem, thank you very much in advance

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DMC, 2015-06-04

What is your operator? The modem may refuse to connect due to an incorrect APN.
For example, at Beeline it makes sense to try to replace the standard APN internet.beeline.ru with home.beeline.ru Also
check the mode in which the router itself works - is 3G / 4G mode enabled.
Ideally, it's better to flash the 3420 in openwrt, build ofmodemsandmen.com
It works much more correctly with modems than the factory firmware.

aleksandr-kav, 2015-06-22

Versions with Russian firmware will not see it. I updated the firmware to the latest English version and my router saw a modem.

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