IGrch2017-12-11 11:30:03
IGrch, 2017-12-11 11:30:03

404 Storage. Redmine + Git what's wrong?

I'm trying to tie Git (2.6.4) to Redmine (3.3.2).
I was given a folder with files (HEAD, description, config, index, COMMIT_EDITMSG, hooks, info, logs, objects, refs)
I threw it on the server at the root of the application. Enabled Git support in Administration. In the project settings for the repository, I specified the path "/repo/rep.git" . The "Storage" section appeared. But when I go there, I get 404 and the message: The repository does not contain a record and / or correction.
I suspected that the path was not specified correctly, but everything seems to be fine ... What could be the problem?

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