maks789452017-11-30 10:46:34
maks78945, 2017-11-30 10:46:34

404 error when opening link with get request?

Good afternoon, I want to hang a banner on the news site that he led to my site. I want to add utm tags to the banner link so that it would be possible to track how many people clicked on the link through GA. The banner will lead not to the main page of the site, but to the child one.
When I open the site.ru/?test link, the page opens, but when I open the site.ru/page/?test page, I get an error 404. The site.ru/page/ page without parameters loads normally.
Tell me which way to look to determine the problem.

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Alexander Gamov, 2017-11-30

Yes, mystic. Start with nginx (apache) routes and settings.

maks78945, 2017-11-30

I solved the problem by disabling the automatic addition of / at the end of the url

Vladimir Kulikov, 2021-05-13

I fiddled with this too.
The parameters were "monthnum" and "year".
Then I renamed to "m" and "y" but the problem remained.
After renaming to "mont" and "y" the problem was solved.
I think it's all about the names.

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