snikitin_me2017-05-05 11:18:08
snikitin_me, 2017-05-05 11:18:08

403 error when opening MMS Cockpit?

Used the following description https://youtu.be/buB6H62UAd0
Through the Internet of Things Service Cockpit I created the message type and device. And even sent a message through a nodejs script. But I can't see the data. when I open the MMS Cockpit, I get the error "Access to the requested resource is forbidden (HTTP 403)."
Can you please tell me how to fix this error?

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DenisSavkin, 2017-05-06

The error may be occurring because the user does not have the IoT-MMS-User role.
To add a role, you need to go to the settings of the iotmms program (via Applications -> Java Applications -> iotmms).
Next, you need to go to the Security -> Roles section. Then select the IoT-MMS-User role and assign it to the user via the Assign button.
You can see a detailed description of how to work with the SAP SCP IoT service here:
Link to an article on creating IoT applications in SCP
A similar situation was discussed in the comments to this article.
And in our workshop on SCP services, we also built an IoT application from the very beginning - from creating a database and activating a service to creating a final application (see the webinar "Detailed overview of SAP Cloud Platform services - Part 2").
Link to the webinar
If it doesn't help, we'll investigate further :)!

snikitin_me, 2017-05-19

Thanks for the help and for the links. The error disappeared after adding the role.

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