JustChrome2016-04-25 22:50:10
JustChrome, 2016-04-25 22:50:10

3proxy ipv6 proxy speed how to increase speed?

Good day to all.
Let me know who knows about this moment.
Raised a proxy on the server using 3proxy.
ipv4 to ipv6
And that's my problem, no matter how many additional ipv6 I connect, the page loading speed is to say the least slow. Yandex is loaded in 20-30 seconds. I tried to measure the speed, I am attaching a measurement screen by the same Yandex.
here is an example of a 3proxy config line:

proxy -6 -n -a -p3246 -i194.67.200.148 -e2a02:f680:1:1101::

1f9 so, I didn’t set any restrictions, the channel was 100mb / s
I even tried to buy VDS for the sake of a test in another place, the speed is the same.

I would be grateful for help.

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Vladimir Dubrovin, 2016-04-26

Look, maybe Yandex is loading some resources that are not available via IPv6 + check how name resolution is configured, if there are any delays in this place. Add the duration of the request processing to the logging - it will be clear if there are requests with the processing of the requests themselves + MAROSNET - one of the largest spammers, they may intentionally not receive traffic from their network directly.

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