not_elon_musk2020-09-01 15:31:16
System administration
not_elon_musk, 2020-09-01 15:31:16

3proxy - error out of the blue, why does it work on one PC, but not on the second?

Good afternoon, I installed 3proxy on my home PC, it worked and decided to install it on my working PC, Windows 10 ltsc, I installed the same Windows clean, installed it - an error: Failed to open Service Manager: No error, re-read everything, tried three Windows, the effect is the same, 3proxy files are the same as on my PC. What could be the problem ?

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BasiC2k, 2020-09-02

Most likely the reason is blocking the opening of ports in windows.

Vladimir Dubrovin, 2020-09-03

To install as a service, you need administrator rights, run cmd.exe with administrator rights and do install from it.

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