flibustier2010-10-13 15:09:15
flibustier, 2010-10-13 15:09:15

3G USB modem - direct ip address

The task is to connect to a remote device via the http protocol. The device is connected to the Internet through a router with a USB modem.

Resources: Dlink DIR412 router (or DIR320, there is both), HUAWEI E160G modem (ZTE MF170), wireless ip camera.

Results so far:

DynDNS doesn't work, since the beeline releases everyone only through NAT. A dedicated ip address does not give physicists, only legal entities working on a postpaid basis.

The megaphone seems to have the same situation.

Question: Are there any known ways to connect, albeit through a third link (a separate server), without switching to a tariff for legal entities.

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Alexey, 2010-10-13

MTS gives an external IP.

Sergey, 2010-10-13

1) buy a cheap vds (for example, from firstvds.ru/fastvps.ru)
2) set up a vpn there (for example, openvpn)
3) forward the port using iptables to the vpn address of your device
4) done!

romanychev_roman, 2014-08-12

add dynamic dns and you will have a domain through programs on a PC or, for example, raspberry

d2285, 2015-04-01

I use the pointgsm.ru service, it gives a white static ip address, without registration for legal entities.

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