Jeditobe2011-09-14 19:00:49
Amazon Kindle
Jeditobe, 2011-09-14 19:00:49

3g not working in Kindle 3 (3g+WiFi, with Special Offers)?

A friend bought a new white Kindle 3 (3g+WiFi, with Special Offers). Does not connect to 3G (in the sense of the cellular network in general), shows five gray sticks. Why? Physically, we are in Stavropol in the zone of reliable reception of the Beeline network.
The serial number starts with B006
Firmware version 3.2.1
The device was registered in Amazon and the region was set to Russia.

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Rbox, 2011-09-16

I was also in the Stavropol Territory a couple of weeks ago, I have a regular Kindle 3G without any SO, and so I didn’t even want to connect to the network at all, that is. not even gray sticks appeared. It seems that he did not find the network, although the beeline catches there normally. What is connected and did not understand, eventually scored.

Agent_Smith, 2011-09-14

Strange, maybe it's because it's an SO edition.
Look for the answer in this thread: www.the-ebook.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=15294
Well, in general, this forum has a lot of useful things about the Kindle, including jailbreak, software and a Russian keyboard (I think it will be useful, if you are going to use the Internet)

Corwin_en, 2011-09-15

A friend just the other day bought one (with advertising). 3G works with a bang in Moscow - Moscow region. However, if you “hack” it to remove ads, then 3G also falls off. Could this be your case?

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