Konstantin Khairov2021-02-21 20:28:38
Konstantin Khairov, 2021-02-21 20:28:38

3G modem shows that it does not connect to the network on MacOS, but on Windows it connects?

I ran into this problem, there is 3G, the simplest Chinese one, like some kind. When I connect it to Macos, the program for it is installed, but in the program it says that it cannot connect to the mobile operator's network, as if the SIM card is not in it at all. But once you connect the modem to a Windows computer, everything works and connects to the Internet. I don’t even have a thought what to check or what could be wrong, have you encountered something like this?

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BasiC2k, 2021-02-22

Look at the info on the box - is there support for Macos?
The fact that the program is being installed is not an indicator, they can be done on cross-platform PLs.

Vladimir Korotenko, 2021-02-25

Go to w3bsit3-dns.com and look for your model.
In fact, you need to put the whistle into modem mode.
poppy in my opinion uses modemswitch
you will need to insert the vendor line 4 +4 digits
if you do not find the instructions exactly for your modem, look for the nearest one.
just in case, throw the output from the console
lsusb -v
dmesg -a Here is the instruction for the
huawei, change the identifiers to those that lsusb
Mac will detect it normally

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