Raguil Zhebulyakin2015-05-11 14:49:08
Raguil Zhebulyakin, 2015-05-11 14:49:08

3G modem and vpn, how to organize joint work?

I connect via USB 3G modem. I work in a VMware virtual machine. Internet access without problems. I installed vpngate-client-2015.05.10-build-9546.132524 and decided to try... The connection to the servers in the list is established without problems, but the traffic bypasses the VPN connection created - what to do? what needs to be configured and how?
I am newbie...

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Sergey, 2015-05-11

he cannot bypass vpn. vpn connections have higher priority.

Raguil Zhebulyakin, 2015-05-12

Found through trial and error:
Huawei E171 modem, imprisoned for MTS, starts up in a virtual machine without problems, VM Ware 11 virtual machine ...
tried various VPNs, set it up myself, downloaded clients .. www.vpngate.net/en/download turned out to be the most adequate .aspx - just downloaded, installed, followed the instructions... a small problem with servers - they often fall and the connection is naturally broken ((after searching, I found relatively stable ones and everything became nsht! :) - I hid my ip, well, the VPN channel, even if it's free , but still useful!
I hope this can be useful to someone when organizing a vpn "and through a 3G modem - the problem is solved, special thanks to Sergey for fighting my stupidity!

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