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intelligence, 2011-07-09 08:49:59

3g internet in Ukraine

I turn to the community for advice.

I'm going on vacation to Ukraine, to the region of Sevastopol, Yalta, I need 3g internet. As far as I know, there is no roaming within the country in Ukraine, so this question is no longer relevant. But unresolved questions remain:

  • Do they still sell SIM cards without a passport, and if not, is it really possible to buy them in Russian?
  • Which operator will provide the most reliable reception in the area with. eagle
  • Because I’m going to stay there for no more than a week, then apparently the tariffs with traffic packages ~ 1.5 GB will be more optimal, from whom is it easier / cheaper to take such a tariff?
  • Will there be any problems with Ubuntu + unlocked Huawei E173?

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iStyx, 2011-07-09

Only Utel has 3G in Ukraine. Everything else is either Utela simparas (for Kyivstar), or WCDMA (for Peoplenet). Coverage at Utela is not very good, only in large cities. In case of poor reception, it switches to Kyivstar national roaming (but only EDGE).

Alexey, 2011-07-09

In Ukraine, everything sucks with 3g internet. Sorry... the cry of the soul.

Robotex, 2011-07-11

Well, let's start with the fact that there is no 3G in Ukraine and never will be. And everything that is sold with us as 3G is actually not.

xanep, 2011-07-09

1. yes, they sell SIM cards freely
2. all operators declare that they take in that area, and which one is better - only the villagers will tell.
3. www.intertelecom.ua/ru/tariffs/internet/korobochnye-resheniya/box_tarif/vilniy-dostup_IT
4. will not

codecity, 2011-07-09

Intertelecom does not connect without a passport - only with a passport. I wanted without a passport - they said it was impossible.
But from PeopleNet you can take the equipment, as it were, for verification without a passport. You need to leave a deposit - the full cost of the modem + for connection. 2 weeks can be used. Then you return the equipment and all the money will be returned.
There are also CDMA-UA, Utel and a few with a small coverage area.

Ajex, 2011-07-09

In Crimea, I noticed PeopleNet working better, I was in the Sevastopol region this year, I never stayed without a connection. Just keep in mind that in those parts the beaches are often closed by mountains and there is no Internet in 90% at all, and sometimes even mobile communications.
Finding a point of connection to PeopleNet in Sevastopol will not be so easy in the place, it is better to look for addresses on the Internet right away. Devices from 250 ($30) UAH.
As an Utel option, you can buy a SIM card for 50 ($6.25) UAH without a passport, but they are not sold everywhere, also look at the addresses of Utel / Ukrtelecom representative offices in Sevastopol / Yalta. Any 3g modem is suitable, for example huawei E1550
In small towns, connecting to a peoplenet or buying a SIM card is almost impossible.

Hast, 2011-07-09

Here, for example: www.mts.com.ua/ukr/connect_cdma.php
But there you need to sign a contract when connecting. So you can find out from the support on the site what to do if you have a Russian passport. The same goes for PeopleNet. Don't even look at other providers - you won't find anything good.

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