Alexey Pomogaev2011-08-14 20:23:44
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Alexey Pomogaev, 2011-08-14 20:23:44

3G in a tablet on Android 3.x also gives mob. connection?

If I plug a 3G modem into a tablet on Android 3.x, it will give me this mobile connection, I can use the tablet as a mobile phone. phone (receiving / sending SMS and calls)? Or does it depend on the tablet?

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IllariPosselt, 2011-08-14


kostik450, 2011-08-14

Some modems, such as huawei e1550, allow you to transmit GSM voice traffic, as well as work with SMS. But I have not seen any Android applications that would support this feature. Therefore, you need to either write it yourself or wait until solutions from third-party developers appear. And of course, if you just stick it, then nothing will work.
There is also infa that the evil opposers from the "big three" like to lock the modems they sell, including programmatically blocking voice functions, leaving only data transmission. Therefore, to buy a modem, it is better to contact your Chinese friends directly.

shadowalone, 2011-08-14

If the device is rooted, and there is a console, then firewood is installed. How the modem will definitely work, but there is no question about calls and SMS yet.
You have a direct road to w3bsit3-dns.com, that's all there.
here , for example.

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