Lici2014-02-24 12:44:04
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Lici, 2014-02-24 12:44:04

3G for GSM cell phone in Ukraine - is there?

Tired of using slow gprs/eage internet on my phone. WiFi is not always available nearby. Is there any way to use the normal 3G Internet from the phone? Using the usual GSM operator.

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Allemon, 2014-02-24

Carry a second CDMA phone with you and use either peoplenet or intertelecom :) Or take a two-terminal card, and put something like TriMob with the second SIM card.

WEBIVAN, 2014-02-24

Buy mifi, flash intertelecom there, distribute via wifi to any device.

GavriKos, 2014-02-24

Check Life rates.

flight, 2014-02-24

At the moment there is only one option - this is 3G from 3mob. But calling is expensive.
There are no more options for ordinary phones, because only they have a frequency license. The rest only outbid, you can not call from them.
I use it successfully every day. If there is no 3g coverage, then it transfers to Kyivstar, which I consider a huge plus. If you have any more questions, please ask.
The main thing is in no case do not buy a contract, there are a lot of complaints about them, you can get a lot of money.

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