omnebun2011-11-07 20:50:58
omnebun, 2011-11-07 20:50:58

3g/4g Mobile hotspots

Due to the increase in the number of gadgets, it became necessary to have a permanent connection to the Internet for everyone (iPhone, ipad, notebook). There are good broadband channels at home and at work, but outside of these locations you have to use mobile Internet. I consider it appropriate to purchase a good mobile router 3/4 G, so that it broadcasts Internet traffic to gadgets via Wifi:

Main requirements:

1. Detachment from the operator and the ability to purchase on the Internet (preferably in the US market);
2. Connecting to GSM operators and not CDMA;
2. Preferably the presence of 4G;
3. The ability to insert a SIM card into the modem itself and not connect an operator modem to the routeru;
4. Autonomy and the ability to connect to a car power supply (I can buy a charger separately)
5. It is desirable to have a good admin panel;
6. The presence of third-party firmware or frequent updates from the manufacturer is welcome;
7. To keep the connection stable;
8.Wifi N;
9. No limit of connected wireless clients via Wifi;
10. I wanted more autonomy, but probably plutonium fuel cells are not yet being introduced into mobile gadgets.

Please advise a good mobile access point from well-known manufacturers in order to optimize the cost of mobile Internet.

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dim88, 2011-11-08

Perhaps something similar to this? habrahabr.ru/blogs/hardware/89024/ (HUAWEI E5830)

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