Huntgold2020-05-19 10:51:50
Huntgold, 2020-05-19 10:51:50

3Ds Max or Maya?

What is better for a beginner to learn 3Ds Max or Maya? What is their difference? Purpose - animation, interiors, complex objects with different complex shapes, effects like water

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Ronald McDonald, 2020-05-19

Either the first or the second.
Flip a coin.
I'm not kidding, it's impossible to give a definite answer to the question.

tvhell, 2020-05-19

A beginner does not need a "t-shirt" or a max. Blender 3D will be enough for a beginner: free, fast, evil.
Throw in all these courses that offer you to become a 3D designer in a week, having mastered one of the above products. First, the question is money: have you seen how much a license for both costs? Courses usually offer to download and install a 30-day trial, or (in extreme cases, if the student is shitting and asking uncomfortable questions) they give him a student version with an annual license. But this is mutual responsibility, and what will you do when you start working for yourself? The option with these two is good when you get a job in a studio that already owns both the software and (which is very important) powerful workstations on which this software can be run comfortably. Secondly, I honestly have no idea why a beginner would need 3ds Max or Maya. All basic features are available in free editors like Blender.
So you want to learn how to fly an airplane. What do you think, should you immediately sit at the helm of a Boeing-737? Or first run in something budget, safe, that works on the same laws of aerodynamics, but much more responsive to control and friendlier?

Jacen11, 2020-05-19

In general, you stupidly listed all the directions. Be specific. For a beginner, they are almost the same. Start with anything, then you will understand what's what.

Yaroslav, 2020-05-20

Hey! It is really difficult to give a definite answer to the question, if you choose from these programs - Maya. If you compare the programs as a whole are identical, you can achieve the same results, only in different ways. Plus, maya is updated more often and has gone ahead of max. If you want to try - Cinema4D. User friendly interface in Russian. And if you are completely new and want to try blender. It may seem difficult, but everything can be done.

Den Sabrov, 2020-05-21

Opportunities are the same. Feel with your hands. What you like more, what the soul lies to, then study.

Ilya V., 2020-05-22

3Ds Max is mainly used for interiors, but the program is very old and inconvenient. Maya for characters and scripted animation.

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