warobushek2013-04-21 21:02:43
warobushek, 2013-04-21 21:02:43

3D sofa model on the site

Please share your experience.
What are the implementation options? .. it is desirable
to be simpler so that users can choose the texture (upholstery, color) of the sofa and it automatically rebuilds to the selected design.

What variant of 3D in this case is better suited. Flash or something else? Libraries, engines ...

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Eddy_Em, 2013-04-22

WebGL will do just fine. Flash is an ancient crooked technology that should die. But, as correctly said above, real photos are still better.

Alexander Borisovich, 2013-04-21

The idea is funny, but in terms of meaning it is 0. No 3D will give you an idea about texture or color. Only photos on the background of the interior will say something about the product. And if you need a chip for the sake of a chip ... of course, only a flush. On javascript 3D it will be unrealistic to slow down, although there are engines.
From flash engines alternativa 3D and something else foreign.
But I advise not 3D. It's better to generate images Rotating the sofa doesn't make much sense. Better position 3.

TipTop, 2013-04-22

The main option is a circular photo of the product and a wrapper for viewing on a flash. An example can be viewed at superholodilnik.ru
Examples of more "real" 3D models can be found in the market, but they are also rendered far from the browser (especially noticeable by the glare of lighting).
A couple of years ago there was a startup Roomix, they were just doing 3D furniture models for sites. The startup is over, but its creators Andrei Glinsky and Ilya Lagutin may be able to tell you a lot of interesting things.

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