avalak2011-10-27 22:54:11
avalak, 2011-10-27 22:54:11

3D rendering. Automation

There was a need to process a large amount of data for rendering. Let's say there are 25-50 models, 500 textures. This whole thing needs to be rendered.
The action plan is something like this:

  1. load model
  2. load texture
  3. rotate model/camera
  4. render (up to 800x800, preferably more or less realistic), save the file (output/{model}/{texture}/image-{position})
  5. repeat step 1 for the next model/texture

Actually, how to approach this matter? What software to use? What to automate? Underwater rocks? I usually don't do 3D graphics, so I don't really want to buy a paid solution. While I look towards Blender/Python.

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AndyRoss, 2011-10-27

What format are your models in? As far as I understand you only have naked models and textures for them. In this case, you want to get a "more or less" realistic quality without individually adjusting each object when batch rendering. This is a very difficult task.
At one time I was intensively engaged in visualization, and I also used a blender for its wool, and to be honest I can’t imagine realistic rendering without individual adjustment of all 500 objects.
However, if you want cheap, then the ideal option is to take a blender (the standard renderer in it is not very bad, although you can put it better if you wish) and pay the programmer for the work. His task will be to write a simple script that will import objects into a pre-prepared studio scene (of which there are plenty on the network), scale them one size fits all, apply material with a texture and render.
But I still will never believe that even in a universally configured studio, the option with one shader and one settings for it for all objects will suit you well. For better quality, you still have to work with pens. For example, if the type of your models allows, divide the models into groups and apply their scene and material settings for each group.

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