gleb_kudr2013-11-11 19:49:46
gleb_kudr, 2013-11-11 19:49:46

3d prototyping in St. Petersburg

There is a file with details in OpenScad (the largest size is ~150*150*100mm). You need to print them or cut them out with a jigsaw or whatever, but to get real models :)
Advise who to contact? I want to get a reasonable budget / deadlines and a smooth surface of the products so that finishing is not required.

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Soupault, 2013-11-13


Serj-One, 2014-11-18

Because you need to do this:

      text-align: center;

And to kill everywhere margin: 0 auto; He will no longer be needed.

Dima Pautov, 2014-11-18

Did you make the div block? Funny!)))

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