Razario7772013-10-10 13:38:59
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Razario777, 2013-10-10 13:38:59

3D printing in large sizes

Tell me, you need to print a single object 140x35x35 cm, it’s impossible to divide it, where can this be done, preferably in China, if there is someone who has been proven, then it’s very good.
Another question is what kind of material (what to print from):
preferably glossy, not requiring processing.

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Boris Syomov, 2013-10-10

And what are the requirements for the object and material? And how much is needed?
If you need more or less mass production, then definitely casting in a mold. Here you can achieve both gloss, and with the right design of the form, the absence / minimization of processing.
When printing, surface treatment will definitely be required ...
If a one-off / small-scale piece, then fiberglass and painting can be a much more reasonable and affordable solution ...

Archlute, 2013-10-16

And why exactly should it be made whole, why can't it be glued together? Well, after that you can make small-scale casting in silicone.

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