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3D printers
ANVARD, 2015-03-24 19:28:56

3D printer extruder: bowden or direct setup?

Please explain for the teapot what is the difference/advantages/disadvantages etc. in extruders for 3D printers, in particular m / y Bowden (bowden) or direct (direct setup) feed? Which is better to choose from them? I plan to use 1.75mm plastic. I think it is the most common in Russia.
Thank you in advance!

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Aufar Zakiev, 2015-04-25

It is difficult to answer strictly scientifically, no one has conducted experiments, probably.
But from my experience, Direct setup provides more reliable feeding, which at current print speeds is very important, because printing can easily take 6+ hours. It's a shame when after 4 hours of printing you have to throw out the model, because at one moment the plastic in the tube bent / went to the side and, under the pressure of the engine, worsened the situation even more.
But direct is more difficult to implement, this must be understood right away. For starters, bowden will go with a bang, Ultimaker works that way.
This position is partly confirmed here.
Tip - choose the right pushing gear, it should not "gnaw" the plastic if for some reason it cannot be pushed further (due to blockage, usually). It is better to take a gear with a less aggressive thread (or whatever it is called), so that in such cases the stepper motor will start skipping steps, and not lose contact with the filament, scraping it into dust. This is well organized in Leapfrog Creatr, for example.

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