Irina2018-08-30 22:12:29
Irina, 2018-08-30 22:12:29

3D panorama from drone photos. Where can I download?

You need to learn the process of gluing photos into a 3D panorama. Where can I find materials? Exactly the kind that makes a quadrocopter such as Mavic.
- Photos themselves in jpg and raw formats
- Examples of glued 3D panoramas
I do not need links to training courses, nor links to download software.
I need the actual photos from the drone from which I can glue the panorama.
Any room and space. If you have, I will be grateful if you send it to me.

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Armenian Radio, 2018-08-30

Getting 3D from a bunch of photos is a delicate, complex and scientific process, just because the photos that are glued together will look distorted and inaccurate.
Professional photogrammetric software , or software for processing photos from drones , performs complex processing, the output of which is a metrologically accurate 3d terrain model.

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