ZhoraK2015-05-10 18:13:52
ZhoraK, 2015-05-10 18:13:52

3D or programming?

The situation is as follows: there are two areas (two paths) stalled in the choice, and therefore decided to take the "help of the hall".
3D (all aspects, but modeling bias) and programming (I'm more inclined towards Python)
I miss age and education on purpose. profile education, in these areas, in my country (Ukraine), at a low level, or outdated, and applied education - art and mathematics, I do not consider it a critical point, like age.
And so, there is time, there is the possibility of self-education (the Internet, books, courses), there is a desire and motivation (even a surplus of motivation factors). The goal is stability and independence, from financial to life (loudly and pathetically, yes)
3D: can be considered basic, about half a year of "scientific poke" in Maya, Mudbox and studying all kinds of courses from digitaltutors, a couple of models for myself.
Programming: almost zero, now I'm looking at resources on Python (I looked towards Java and C #)
Path: "training => freelance => company => own" - ideally, of course.
So the question is, what should I choose? The soul lies closer to 3D, but rather as a hobby, and programming attracts with high salaries and the constancy of vacancies / jobs.

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Sergey, 2015-05-10
Protko @Fesor

Flip a coin. From the point of view of personal responsibility, whether you listen to a coin or to those who answer here is the same.
I once thought that 3D is mine, and programming is just a hobby... and for 6 years now I haven't opened max at all...
Regarding profile education - well, you're in vain. At least a couple of courses won't hurt. You just need to choose where to study.

Roman Volodin, 2015-05-16

Choose everything together. In 3D tasks - at least be programmed. Procedural generation of animations and objects, custom tools for artists/animators, shaders, render farm management, data exchange between software (for example, modeler/renderer, 3D/composite), pipeline organization within the studio, process optimization. There is plenty of this goodness even in the cinema, even in game development.
Almost all graphics software can use Python. Work - a wagon and specialists are often not enough. Good specialists are in demand and well paid.

dimmka, 2015-05-13

what the soul is closer to, then do it. Well, it all depends on the end goal. If your ultimate goal is your own 3D company, then go 3D. If all the same, your ultimate goal is to drink beer while lying on the couch, paying a minimum to work, then programming is fine :))
It all depends on the ultimate goal, this seems to me the main point.

svaa1982, 2015-05-26


Rudokopov, 2021-11-30

Friend, I am in the same situation between two chairs. What direction did you choose and what heights did you achieve in 3 years? Very interesting

Colliclass, 2021-12-29

The same canoe. The soul lies in 3D, but you go to hh and you see this difference in vacancies and you understand that stability and high salaries in programming

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