WapSter2019-04-07 10:44:33
WapSter, 2019-04-07 10:44:33

3d modeling and 3d printer is the game worth the candle?

One of my dear people got the idea to do 3d modeling with subsequent printing of models on a printer. Maybe for the sake of completeness I’ll add the region of Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk region, of course, you can send the product by mail, but you never know. Has anyone done this and is it worth it? I must say right away that the person is quite stubborn, he is friends with computers with a bang. And I would like to hear a real opinion, and not a noob who even stayed there and abandoned it after a couple of days

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Fixid, 2019-04-07

You are on https://3dtoday.ru/
The printer itself has been around for more than 3 years, at one time it printed and modeled to order. Everything said below about Russia
Now in every city there are a lot of people with printers ready to print a little more than the cost price and model for a cup of coffee. But the quality will be mediocre.
A high-quality souvenir comes out quite expensive, because. FDM is no longer suitable and you need an SLA printer with rather expensive consumables.
The most proven option to make money: printing small and rare parts from cars and household appliances (clips, gears) at a cost of 10-20r, the part is quietly sold for 100-400r.
As a bonus, there is now a great demand for power parts made from engineering plastics.
If there is a good SLA, then there are either burnt-out models for jewelry (although a normal jewelry store will buy its own after 2-3 orders) or models for painting (waha and the like).
But it's all about ways to make money.
If for yourself, then no problems and a simple FDM for 15k is enough

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