Lecks2015-12-22 09:17:01
Lecks, 2015-12-22 09:17:01

3D Max | Vray+Ps. There is a desire to learn something new. What courses or materials helped me better in mastering 3Ds MAX/Vray?

Advise what courses or materials will be useful in mastering 3Ds Max. I am new to 3D graphics

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vaux, 2015-12-22

There are good courses for 3ds Max on digital-tutors . If you are completely new, then the lessons from the Getting Started section will suit you. You can also watch tutorials on V-Ray there, but I also recommend very cool tutorials from Grant Warwick .

Andrey Larin, 2015-01-01

Take any tutorial you like and do the tasks. It makes no sense to look for the most detailed while you are a beginner. As a base, they are all equally useful.

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