upiter-20052019-12-12 16:05:45
upiter-2005, 2019-12-12 16:05:45

3d layout with effects?

Hello! Tell me who knows how to implement 3d rotation of the product image (on the product page)?
There should also be such functionality: imagine that we have a photo of a ring with a stone, below under the main photo there are options for pictures with different stones for the same ring, and we should be able to drag these stones on the ring, it turns out like a ring designer ...
Tell me how can this be implemented?

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Eugene, 2019-12-12


Homo Ludens, 2019-12-15

These are two very different tasks.
rotation can be done relatively simply - render a sequence of frames with the rotation of the ring and the simplest script to switch these frames after loading, they can be loaded both separately and as an atlas).
you can rotate automatically or depending on the position of the mouse (i.e. the cursor in coordinates less than 10 - we show the first frame, from 10 to 20 - the second, etc.)
But with the designer, everything is much more complicated. If there is only one stone, then it is possible to simply render all options with rotations and, by clicking on the picture with the stone, replace the currently displayed atlas with the one selected by the user.
But if you need a real editor, where you can change several stones in different combinations on the model ... then you will need an application with loading a 3D model and high-quality materials for metal stones.
Unity, pixies, in short, all options for browser-based 3D engines will help you, but you can’t explain this on your fingers.

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