BorNic2017-03-18 17:31:53
BorNic, 2017-03-18 17:31:53

3D - graphics, what are the directions?

Hello. Recently graduated from university. Now I work in production - I am engaged in 3D design. In principle, I studied at the university with a degree in 3D - graphics, and the job was offered almost immediately. I like 3D graphics (more than programming), I want to develop further. Who is in the subject, please tell me in what direction this specialty is developing? More precisely, what else in terms of self-training should one begin to study in order to be a sought-after specialist?

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Egor Padalka, 2017-03-18

I would divide everything into four areas:

  • Engineering (what you seem to be doing)
  • Static rendering
  • Animation and cinema
  • Games

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