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Interface, 2017-05-08 18:42:48

3D engine with JavaScript support?

Do you know examples of engines with js support?
I looked in the direction of WebGL (three.js / babylon.js) -> somewhat embarrassing that I did not find some tolerable large-scale demo on WebGL, not one and a half polygons on the screen, but something similar to a full-fledged game (a good example - Unreal Engine 4 demos). What is webgl capable of? Is it possible to make a project on it comparable to something like TES 5: Skyrim for example?
Below is what I found, MB will be useful to someone.
Unity3d doesn't have js as far as I understand. (Yes, you can switch to C#, but this is a separate topic)
There is an interesting project: Unreal.js https://github.com/ncsoft/Unreal.js - under Unreal Engine. Perhaps this is the most suitable candidate, but I want to look at alternatives.
There is Orge3d (if you worked with it - leave a review) and a project (not very live) https://github.com/creamdog/Node.Ogre
Maybe there is a live engine in mind with bindings for node.js?

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Alexey Epsilon, 2017-05-18

"Unity3d doesn't have js as far as I understand it."
One of the basic languages ​​in which Unity3d code is developed is Javascript. The resulting code is then compiled into super-efficient asm.js code, and all this is easily run in a browser under WebGL.
How efficient is the code? Well, let's just say, I tried to compile my game, which I did under PC, in WebGL, I didn't notice any difference in speed. Unless in the speed of loading resources, which is natural.

dummyman, 2017-05-08

Why, Unity works on WebGL
True, only JavaScript code is compatible, some goodies are incompatible
leave nodejs alone, everything that is ideological for a node is server software.
Things like Electron are more of an exception than a call to action)

Konstantin Kitmanov, 2017-05-09

Have you looked at https://playcanvas.com ?

chupasaurus, 2017-05-09

Unreal Engine 4 can be transpiled to JS out of the box using emscripten.

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