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Kipter, 2014-11-23 19:55:32

3D Citybuilder Social Media Strategy, which is smarter (Flash, Unity, WebGL)?

I have experience in developing games for social networks using Adobe Flash. Basically it's Citybuilder strategy, but the old fashioned way in 2D isometry.
Now the question arises about a new city builder project, in the genre of strategy, in 3D.
The essence is simple: We rebuild our city in 3D, stamp troops and fight in an extremely simplified MOBA style, with troops on the battle map with opponents.
Target audience: users of all popular social networks.
There was a problem with the choice of technologies, due to the fact that for the first time we have to plunge into 3D in the software part (Assets for old games were also drawn in 3D with isometric rendering).
Actually, we are faced with a choice:
- Make on Flash + Away3D
- Make on Haxe + OpenFL + Away3D
(Hopefully: if anything - we can jump over to WebGL at the expense of OpenFL)
- Do it on Unity
(with the hope that by our release web plugins will either still work and players will install them, or everything will already work fine on WebGL)
-- -
Mb. Who knows if it is possible to get statistics on installed unity plugins from social networks?
Googling on the topic confused even more, someone yells that "Flash is dying" and 3D is not promising there, does not develop, go to WebGL, others yell that WebGL is raw and nothing normal can be done there regarding flash for the next few years. Still others yell about Unity.
We understand that Unity is certainly a good option for desktop and probably mobile platforms, but our main audience is social media players. And as far as we know, there are 2 problems with the unit player:
1. Not everyone is solved or even not everyone can install the player.
2. Soon in ff, chrome and browsers derived from it, the unit may disappear altogether. (cut out NNAPI)
Although, of course, the Unity developers themselves promise to provide WebGL (But it is not known when it will become as good as flash).

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Viktor Korolev, 2015-07-09

  • WebGl for Unity is still quite raw. there is an article on Habré about a small Unity WebGL test . I think it's worth a look.
  • WebPlayer Unity does not work everywhere. outgoing technology
  • Flash is buggy.

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