DenimTornado2012-10-22 16:12:36
DenimTornado, 2012-10-22 16:12:36

3d catalog showcase online store, how much can it cost?

Good afternoon!

The customer set the following task: on the main page there should be a 3d showcase with the ability to follow the link of the clicked product, the showcase itself a la auto.mail.ru/panoramas/2/2/130/ .

The site is on Drupal, but I think in this situation the CMS does not really matter.

The question is, how much can it cost and how long does it take to do this, if you have ALL the photos? I understand that this is trash, but the customer must be given an answer.

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Talyutin, 2012-10-22

If done on a flash, then this is a standard circular panorama + active objects on it. The cost depends only on the qualifications of the developer. If you need to make only one showcase, if you have all the photos, I would estimate it at 6-8 hours of work (this is my subjective opinion).
In general, with such questions, you are directly expensive to the freelance exchange.

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