artyomst2010-12-29 12:10:02
artyomst, 2010-12-29 12:10:02

3D and poor vision in one eye?

I have poor vision in one eye, diagnosed with Amblyopia , glasses do not help to see better. Once upon a time, about 7-8 years ago, when the first 3D films were shown, I went to such a movie, put on red-blue glasses, saw the film in the same way as watching 3D without these glasses + in a blue or red tint (t to one eye sees better), in general, 3D could not be seen.
There are a lot of 3D movies being shown nowadays, have the glasses changed? I saw that there are different glasses - here . In general, is there a way to watch 3D with one eye?

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xget, 2010-12-29

Colleague, do not spoil your eyesight because of 3d marketers

Alexey Sidorov, 2010-12-29

>In general, is there a way to watch 3D with one eye?
No. Only two. And anaglyph 3D films, which are red and blue, are generally afraid of fire, it looks scary and puts your eyesight.

DKurilo, 2010-12-29

I have trouble seeing in one eye. Right. Because of this, they did not take him into the army.
I see everything normally. Everything looks good and quite voluminous, as far as it can be with one eye.
So it's worth a try.
I don't know if it spoils something or not. I think that daily work at the computer spoils no worse.

stampoon, 2010-12-29

Nafig this is 3d, take care of your eyesight, it’s not very good for you, as I understand it.

lasthero, 2010-12-30

You won't lose anything if you don't watch 3d. In a 3D movie, a couple of 3D scenes and that's it. And there is nothing so exciting.

kSx, 2010-12-30

You can try, but it's better before buying. I know that at least two eyes are needed to determine the distance to objects (well, it differs “by eye”).

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